Children & Young People’s Wellbeing Service

The CYP IAPT Partnership has recently been successful for a small scale pilot, which aims to specifically target and support parents of children whose difficulties are very mild, and who would be significantly below the CAMHS threshold. Therefore, would not usually be able to access any support.

To do this we are setting up a small team of 4 ‘Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners’ (CWPs). These practitioners have just been recruited and are currently receiving a block of training in very specific and time limited interventions. They are going to be trained in offering the following:

Mild behavioural difficulties for parents of children age 8 and below:
· Does your child have difficulty following rules?
· Do you have difficulty getting your child to follow requests (e.g getting ready for school in the morning)?
· Does your child have frequent temper tantrums?

Mild anxiety in children of all primary school ages:
· Is your child afraid of the dark?
· Generally nervous?
· Is able to attend school but sometimes worries about family and friends?
· Scared of trains/bus or fears animals?

If so, maybe we can help! Get in touch.